Gathering in the Garden of Global Consequence

Oil on canvas 30" X 40"

3000 US

Cick on the pic for the whole series, enquiries welcome at

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"It always amazes me how much ART people need in their lives on a day to day basis, it may be a product label, a business sign design or any number of things that require a high level of artistic skill.
Friends and family were keeping me so busy I decided to turn it into a business! 
The level of creativity here at The United State of Art is to fulfill the need of the everyday person and make what YOU need beautiful, professional and within budget."                
Jane Evershed
Artist, Designer 612 400 2854

​ 6 

business card design, logo design

I started my art career in the advertising business creating everything from candy wrappers to menus to conference displays, I owned the Jane Evershed Art Collection for 30 years, which was a very successful business that sold reproductions of my art in the form of Posters and note cards nationally.
During this time I was often approached to create logos, partake in live Art Events, make signs, paint commissioned pieces, anything to do with art, you name it, I did it.

The United State of Art derives its name from all the art forms that I am familiar with and uniting them to create a signature and original style of my own. I hope you choose my style when seeking out your artistic needs. Here are some more samples of my style...

Product Labelling, Branding

See Below.

What are your artistic needs? I can help you create what you want at an affordable rate that will fit your budget. No matter where in the world you are!
e-mail me a description today at

logo design, book cover design,
brochure, pamphlet design,
From Brochures to
illustration design
pen and ink illustrations
(If you need copy written for your business, I can do that.)
logo design
From Logos to security watermarks...

Conscious Consumer News

security paper personalized,
security paper design, custom
custom made security paper, watermarks,
Jane Evershed, Artist
...Here are just a couple of recent commissioned art pieces...
commissioned art, fine art, oil on canvas,
fine art oil painting commission,
Children's Book Illustrations...
Children's book Illustrator
Socially conscious art, cartoons,
...Oh, did I mention that I do
cartoon work too?
...and here are some of my oil on canvas paintings...
oil on canvas original art for sale,
Jane Evershed, original oils,
Fine Art for sale, oil on canvas
So, please contact the United State of Art for all your artistic needs, and please share this website too!!!
We can do this in 3 easy steps:
1.You explain your        project in the form        provided.
2. I send you my            rough ideas.
3. We agree on a      direction and a price  
 to match your budget.

Peace All Ways
Jane Evershed
Artist and Des
Here are some links to places where you can see more of my art...
Feng Shui Art, custom paintings,
The Divine Feminine, oil on canvas,
Artist reproductions,

Lots more paintings here...
Just click on the pic
to go to the link.

The Book of Jane,
Large prints, Jane Evershed
Jane Evershed, Art and poetry,


presentation drawing boards, illustrations,

...And now, just because you found yourself all the way down here, here is your reward!

Copy this coupon and e-mail it to me for your $100 discount on any art project you need done.

presentation drawing boards, illustrations,

Know anyone who needs a graphic art boost, maybe starting a new business?
You can gift them a boost to their new venture by gifting them with a UNITED STATE of ART Gift Card. 

''Everything is changing toward humanity finding our true selves, I am here to give that notion a leg up. You don't have to go to an advertising agency, we can all help one another to propel humanity forward and evolve this world into what we really want it to be. As much as I put down big biz, I uphold and celebrate every human being that finds their true purpose on planet Earth. The new mantra going forward is "do no harm", but more than that I would ultimately like to see every human being reaching their full potential and getting to the place where their work is in fact their play. Dare to fulfill your soul's purpose."'
Jane Evershed

Illustrations, children's books,

Thats all for now folks!

I am constantly changing this site so check back in from time to time and please share with your friends!